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Virtual Currency: Basic Concepts and Taxation Essentials

Virtual currencies represent an innovation in financial services, products and technology that has the potential to support a more efficient and transparent global commerce by proposing lower transaction costs and rapid availability of cash. In spite of the aforementioned benefits, before engaging in virtual currency transactions, investors should have a clear understanding of what they are, how they can be utilized and what are some of the tax ramifications to U.S. taxpayers. This article addresses a few of the basic concepts of virtual currencies, such as blockchain and mining, as well as how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats the most common virtual currency transactions.

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Splitting Retirement Accounts in Divorce

When going through a divorce, the process of dividing assets can be a frustrating and confusing one. Retirement assets are an important issue in any divorce proceeding, since, after the marital home, they often represent the largest category of marital assets to be divided in a divorce settlement.

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What is New York’s Estate Tax Cliff? (2021)

As part of Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, the U.S. federal estate tax exemption amount increased to approximately $11.7 million per individual or $23.4 million per couple (for 2021). As a result, many families are no longer subject to this federal estate tax due to the high estate tax exemption amounts. However, several individual states impose their own estate or death taxes, and many have much lower estate tax exemption thresholds.

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