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The Biden Agenda for Estate Plans More Costly for The Rich and Not-So-Rich

With Democrats in control of the Senate and House the likelihood of passing legislation in line with President-elect Biden’s agenda for estate plans has increased. While there are a number of proposed changes, there are two that are most significant. First, the amount of assets an individual can pass estate tax free to heirs may be substantially reduced. Second, capital gains taxes may be imposed on all estates with appreciated assets. This means that even individuals who are “not rich” will suffer some tax consequences at death.

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Round Table Wealth Management Appoints Kimberly Sharp as Managing Director, Head of Wealth Services

Round Table Wealth Management, a global wealth and investment management firm headquartered in Westfield, NJ, proudly announces the hiring of Kimberly Sharp as Managing Director, Head of Wealth Services. Ms. Sharp's appointment highlights Round Table's commitment to exceptional client service and continued [...]

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Our Economic Masks

After several months of sheltering in place, you may have begun to venture out in these early stages of the “re-opening”.  Knowing the virus is still out there, you covered your face with a mask, put [...]

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