Robert Davis, Chief Investment Officer at Round Table, had the pleasure of sitting down with Eddie Doyle, the Head of Global Customer Engagement at Check Point Software, to discuss the prevalence of cyber security in today’s everyday landscape and what investment opportunities are present as a result. We were grateful to have had Eddie join us and believe you will enjoy their insightful conversation.

Eddie Doyle
ETFMG Ambassador, HACK
Head of Global Customer Engagement, Check Point Software

Eddie’s background in cybersecurity is extensive and he has positioned himself as a leading expert in the space. Eddie works with corporations to identify risks and emerging threats posed to people, assets & interests around the world. Eddie enables industry professionals to anticipate, identify, measure & mitigate those threats the world over. Eddie is recognized to have a very practical understanding of security risks that is different from conventional thinking & through supervising the conversation between Check Point Software, enterprise organizations, the global threat landscape analysis of cyber-security & cyber-terrorism, he is regularly featured as a security expert in leading media outlets & analysis, via keynote addresses, panel discussions & interviews.

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