January is the time where you can’t avoid those articles and conversations discussing the best New Year’s resolutions and how to make this year your greatest.  This article is different in that we would like to offer you the tools, support, and partnership to get started with financial independence and remain accountable to yourself. 

In January 2018, I wrote about women’s financial empowerment. I asked women to take on a bigger role in managing their own finances and if they weren’t already involved, to start right away.  A year has passed since then.  So… Have you taken charge of your finances?  Have you asked those questions you need to ask to be more informed and to get your financial house in order?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, or once you start, to know you’re staying on the right track.  Our goal is to get more women engaged in their finances sooner and to keep them engaged for the long term. We want to partner with you so that you can reach your personal financial goals and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re taking the right steps towards financial success.  

As we begin 2019, we are excited to launch Round Table Wealth Management’s women’s financial empowerment program called Women of Clarity.  This program is designed to make learning about your finances and investments more appealing, more engaging and most importantly… more inspiring! Our three-step process will gradually provide you with the clarity you have been looking for in your financial life. It will help you develop a path and keep you on it so that you can feel secure about your financial health and take control of your financial future.

We are also excited to commence our monthly Women of Clarity newsletter, where we will provide articles and podcasts that unpack complex topics so that you know the essentials – from investments to budgeting, to retirement planning and more.

To make 2019 your year, contemplate what your personal and financial goals are – both over the short term and long term.  Then when you are ready, take that first step and contact a Round Table Wealth Advisor today about our Women of Clarity program to see what all the buzz is about. 

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