Keep Eye on Biden Tax Plan When Financial Planning

Round Table Wealth Management's Michael Fischer recently published an article with the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs discussing many of the Biden administration's tax proposals including changes to federal estate tax exemptions, increases to marginal tax rates, increasing long-term capital gains rates on high earners and [...]

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Non-Profits: Planned Giving Strategies for Donors

The outbreak of COVID-19 had a devastating impact across the world in 2020, but perhaps the impact has been felt the most by nonprofits and charitable organizations. Due to the stay-at-home restrictions and resulting economic consequences, fundraising efforts for nonprofits and charitable organizations have been greatly [...]

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BOCA Magazine, February 2021 – Steven Giacona Feature Article

Round Table Wealth Management’s Founder & CEO, Steven Giacona was recently interviewed by BOCA Magazine where he shared insights regarding his firm's holistic approach to multi-generational wealth planning and how that truly differentiates it from competitors. Please reach out to Steven (http://bit.ly/2QKhuPC) if you should have any questions or [...]

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Six Essential Financial Planning and Investing Themes Law Firm Partners Should Consider Starting 2021

Presenters will include partner, Bruce Hyde, CPA, MS, wealth advisor, Fred Behrens, CFP® and wealth advisor, Anthony Rosetti, CFA®.  Round Table Wealth Management is a New York based independent registered investment advisory firm founded twenty years ago and now manage in excess of $1.1 billion of assets.

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Women of Clarity “The Power of Purpose” 3-Part Webinar Series

“The Power of Purpose” is a three-part Financial Webinar Series meant to serve as a casual connecting platform for women. It has been created with all of you in mind: those who are still hesitant of taking the first step towards organizing your finances and finding purpose, all the way up to those who have the experience and knowledge in the field but simply want to rekindle it and embrace a fresh perspective.

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Getting Tipsy: Have We Reached the Tipping Point for TIPS?

 Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (or “TIPS”) provide investors with a useful tool to manage inflation risk and preserve purchasing power. The unique properties of TIPS can make them an attractive investment; however, there are important considerations in determining if they are appropriate for a given investor. This paper examines [...]

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Quarterly Review – Third Quarter 2019

The third quarter of 2019 witnessed the Federal Reserve lower its Fed Funds Target Rate twice, with a cumulative reduction of 0.50% from 2.5% to 2.0%. The initial rate reduction on July 31st helped foster a fixed income rally that pushed the Barclay’s U.S. Aggregate Index up 2.6% in [...]

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Quarterly Review – Second Quarter 2019

 In the second quarter of 2019, capital markets continued their first quarter upward trajectory, albeit at a decelerated rate and with greater intra-month volatility. The S&P 500, which at the end of May was negative 2.6% quarter to date, ultimately recovered to a positive 4.3% return. Fixed income, as measured [...]

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Quarterly Review – Third Quarter 2018

Here’s a party we can all agree on… U.S. equity markets had a fantastic quarter, with the S&P 500 rising 7.7%, nearly tripling the return of the index’s first-half return of 2.6%! Driven by year-over-year quarterly earnings growth between 20%-25%, the market embraced equities and pushed the index to [...]

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