Top 12 Financial Planning Issues for American Citizens Living in the UK

American citizens living in the UK face a complex interaction of U.S. and UK tax law as applied to their investments and retirement savings. The U.S. government taxes American citizens on their worldwide income based upon citizenship rather than residency. In addition to paying U.S. taxes, a U.S. citizen [...]

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

You are likely familiar with traditional estate planning that utilizes documents like wills and trusts to dictate how your assets such as your bank and investment accounts, home, and personal belongings are distributed after your passing. But have you also planned for what happens to your digital assets after [...]

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Tangible Opportunities in Emerging Markets

This past Tuesday, Round Table’s Chief Investment Officer Robert Davis had the pleasure of moderating a panel for the CFA Society of New York discussing Tangible Opportunities in Emerging Markets. The panel, comprised of prominent economists and investment managers on the forefront of emerging markets, discussed topics ranging from [...]

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Personal Financial Health Seminar: U.S. Expats

Last week, Frederic Behrens, JD, CFP and Steven Giacona, CPA, MS, TEP had the pleasure of speaking to a captivated crowd at Chicago Booth MBA School’s London campus, sharing US/UK financial planning strategies to maximize American expats long-term, after-tax wealth potential. Both Frederic and Steven shared [...]

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Quarterly Review – Fourth Quarter 2017

 Happy New Year! But to be honest, 2017 was pretty great! Nearly every asset class and global market was positive for the year. Looking forward, we don’t think the clock has struck midnight on this market just yet, and that’s not the champagne talking either! Corporate earnings in both [...]

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Quarterly Review – Third Quarter 2017

 A market in motion stays in motion…unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.1 We suspect this is how Sir Isaac Newton, as a 21st century market strategist, would view the current capital market trends. Global equity and fixed income markets continued their 2017 upward trajectory during the quarter. The [...]

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Quarterly Review – Second Quarter 2017

 Is Goldilocks back in town? During the previous economic cycle (2003-2007), Wall Street referred to the U.S. economy as the “Goldilocks Economy” …not too hot, not too cold, just right. It was also during this time that market risk metrics, such as volatility, were low. Presently, investors find themselves [...]

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Quarterly Review – First Quarter 2017

 The “Trump Rally” continued through the first quarter with most asset classes, both domestic and international, generating strong, risk-adjusted returns. The rally’s underlying support is in part due to investors “pricing-in” near certain approval of Trump’s stated policy initiatives (healthcare, tax, foreign profits, infrastructure and military). But the rally [...]

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Quarterly Review – Fourth Quarter 2016

The year 2016 will be remembered as an example of the need to always consider the unexpected – from BREXIT to the Trump victory to the ensuing market rally that wasn’t supposed to happen. We began the year with the S&P 500 declining approximately 10.5% through February 11. Several [...]

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