Divorce and the Family Home

This is the sixth blog in the Divorce and Finances series, addressing common questions I hear as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) during the pre- and post-divorce process. This blog will address questions around divorce and the family home. A podcast version of this blog [...]

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Will More IRS Funding Boost Wealthy Client Audits?

Round Table Wealth Management Partner, Chief Compliance Officer, and Wealth Advisor Bruce Hyde was recently quoted in an article by U.S. News & World Report discussing the recently released ProPublica documents about high net worth individuals paying little income tax relative to their holdings. Bruce [...]

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Insurance in Divorce

This is the fifth blog in the Divorce and Finances series, addressing common questions I hear as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) during the pre- and post-divorce process. This blog will address common questions about insurance during and after a divorce settlement. A podcast version [...]

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Receiving an Inheritance from Abroad: Special Considerations for U.S. Taxpayers

It is increasingly common for individuals living in the United States or U.S. citizens living abroad to receive an inheritance from a non-U.S. person (for purposes of this article a non-U.S. person is defined as someone who is not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or otherwise [...]

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Important Investment and Financial Planning Considerations when Relocating to Florida from the Northeast

Many residents from the high-tax states in the Northeast are seriously considering changing their official residence and moving to Florida. This article explains one of the many questions that these residents face regarding how the move may impact their portfolio strategy.

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Q3 Investment Outlook & Positioning

A discussion on the current state of capital markets, the macroeconomic environment, and the top concerns facing markets today. The team will also outline their outlook across asset classes and address how the firm is positioning client portfolios for the months ahead.

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Money and Mindset Mastery: 4 Steps to an Empowered Life

The way women interact with money and wealth is rapidly changing; they are demanding more involvement in their financial affairs and making much more educated decisions. You don’t want to be told what to do. You want a clear plan and to understand what you have and why you have it. This can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. If this speaks to you, take a one-hour break from your busy schedule and come join our Women of Clarity™ group as they walk you through a unique dialogue with guest speaker, Nikki Gangemi and the CALM™ Method, a four-step exercise that helps harness control over emotions, get rid of unwanted thoughts and maintain a tranquil state of mind so you can move forward with ease!

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Navigating Today’s Economic And Policy Environment For Investing With Chief Economic Strategist Dr. Mickey Levy

A virtual discussion featuring famed economist Dr. Mickey Levy. Round Table Wealth Management invites you to our discussion series hosted by Steven J. Giacona, and Robert Davis. Dr. Levy will share his macroeconomic insights on navigating today's economic and policy environment for investing.

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International Estate Planning Strategies

Come join guest speaker Kevin E Packman, partner at Holland & Knight and our very own Frederic Behrens JD, CFP® and Marianne Rodriguez CFP® as they navigate throughout some of the most common issues when it comes to international estate planning. This presentation will be structured around multiple real-life planning examples.

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Six Essential Financial Planning and Investing Topics Big4 Accounting Firm Partners Should Review to Start 2021

We believe there are numerous strategies that can be implemented to help navigate short-term market volatility as well as plan for long-term potential tax policy changes that a Biden administration may implement. This webinar provides a broad overview of several tax, financial planning, and investment strategies we feel are important in 2021.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Hidden Opportunities in International Small Companies and Small Countries

While having exposure to international equities is a well-documented benefit to an investor’s total asset allocation, the underlying composition of an international equity portfolio is often overlooked and under-diversified. As a result, investors may be limiting their opportunity set and potentially missing out on the attractive investment characteristics [...]

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Charitable Giving Considerations: Donor Advised Fund or Private Foundation?

For many wealthy families, charitable giving and philanthropy are among their top financial goals. Aside from the simplest form of writing a check to a favorite charity, there are many other options and strategies to help high net worth families achieve their charitable goals. Two popular options are [...]

Fiduciary Best Practices for an Individual Trustee

Agreeing to act as trustee is a major responsibility. Attorneys, accountants, and other trusted advisors are being asked with increasing frequency to serve as trustees for their clients’ trusts. Changes in technology, trust laws, and client preferences are driving this trend. It is easier than ever before to access [...]

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Quarterly Review – Third Quarter 2018

Here’s a party we can all agree on… U.S. equity markets had a fantastic quarter, with the S&P 500 rising 7.7%, nearly tripling the return of the index’s first-half return of 2.6%! Driven by year-over-year quarterly earnings growth between 20%-25%, the market embraced equities and pushed the index to [...]

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Quarterly Review – First Quarter 2018

First quarter market gyrations demonstrated the extremes of investor sentiment from the “fear of missing out” tothe “fear of losing.” The former was evidenced in January, with a 5.8% rise in the S&P 500 followed by the latter inFebruary with an intra-month market correction of over 10%. While the February [...]

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Quarterly Review – Fourth Quarter 2017

 Happy New Year! But to be honest, 2017 was pretty great! Nearly every asset class and global market was positive for the year. Looking forward, we don’t think the clock has struck midnight on this market just yet, and that’s not the champagne talking either! Corporate earnings in both [...]

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