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Frederic Behrens, Wealth Advisor, recently published an article about American citizens retiring abroad in Trust & Estates Magazine. Trusts & Estates is the pre-eminent, peer review journal and website for wealth management professionals serving the needs of high-net-worth clients, family business owners, family offices, charitably inclined donors and non-profit corporations.

More U.S. citizens are retiring outside of the United States than ever before. For American citizens retiring abroad, there is a considerable amount of confusion surrounding personal finances, income taxes and estate planning. In his article titled “Planning for a Retirement Abroad”, Frederic touches upon a wide variety of topics relevant for American citizens planning to retire overseas including:

  • U.S. Income Taxation and Estate Taxation of U.S. Citizens Living Abroad
  • Understanding the Transfer Tax Laws of a New Home
  • Creating a Cross-Border Estate Plan
  • Investment Portfolio Considerations for Retirement Abroad

Understanding and managing these issue is essential for U.S. persons thinking about spending their retirement outside of the United States. With proactive financial planning and the correct advice, retirees may enjoy a prosperous retirement abroad. Round Table Wealth Management offers U.S. expat clients planning to retire abroad or already living abroad a wide range of financial planning expertise.

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