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US/UK Philanthropy – How To Make Your Charitable Giving Go Further

September 20, 2022
•3:00 PM• London
•10:00 AM• New York

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American expats in the UK face many obstacles to successfully growing their wealth. These cross-border financial planning issues are complex, but do not have to be overwhelming. One particularly challenging issue is tax efficient charitable giving.

This webinar will focus on helping individuals (and their advisors) with a US/UK connection to navigate charitable giving and understand the benefits of giving through a dual qualified vehicle. The benefits include dual tax deductions, ability to make charitable gifts to nonprofits around the world, and ability to invest the funds to enable growth of philanthropic capital. Additionally, we will share opportunities available for US individuals wishing to support overseas charities effectively and the associated tax benefits.


  • Donor Advised Funds: A General Overview
  • Charitable Giving in the UK – Gift Aid
  • CADF – a dual-qualified DAF setup specifically for US/UK taxpayers
    • How It Works
    • Case Studies/Examples
  • Integrating Charitable Giving into a U.S./UK financial plan



Please contact us with any questions about joining the webinar. If you are unable to attend Tuesday, September 20th, still register and we will send a replay of the presentation.


Frederic Behrens

Joe Crome, CAP®
Senior Manager, CAF American Donor Fund

Joe Crome is Senior Manager at Charities Aid Foundation American Donor Fund (CADF), where he heads up a team who specialise in supporting US/UK dual taxpayers. CADF is a dual qualified Donor Advised Fund, which enables his clients who file tax returns in both the US and UK to achieve dual tax relief on all of their charitable giving worldwide.

Joe has spent 15 years within the charity sector. Before joining CAF, he was Director of Philanthropy at a Community Foundation, where he supported and advised high net worth families with their giving within their county.

Joe’s expertise specialises in charitable grantmaking regulations in the UK and US, donating complex assets, philanthropy advice for individuals and families, and anti-money laundering and related due diligence pertaining to charitable donations.

Joe recently completed the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation with the American College of Financial Services, the only adviser working in the UK to have done so. He also holds the Advanced Certificate in International Anti-Money Laundering from the International Compliance Association.

CAF AMERICAN DONOR FUND is a dual qualified Donor Advised Fund for your dual US and UK taxpayer clients. With over 20 years’ experience, we offer philanthropy services for dual US and UK taxpayers. The CAF American Donor Fund can help your clients maximise the value of their gifts to charitable organisations. Our service enables your clients to claim eligible US and UK tax relief on their global giving, including adding 25% through UK Gift Aid where applicable.

Frederic Behrens

Frederic Behrens, JD, CFP®
Director, Wealth Advisor, Round Table Wealth Management

Frederic Behrens is a Director, Wealth Advisor with Round Table Wealth Management. He is responsible for managing clients and coordinating all aspects of the Investment Management and Financial Advisory services for his relationships. He is experienced in working with high-net-worth individuals and international families.

In particular, Frederic has significant experience working with U.S. citizens living abroad, non-resident aliens, and mixed-nationality families. Well-informed on tax and compliance issues, Frederic authored a widely-cited article on FATCA for the Wisconsin Law Review. He brings significant cross-border tax and international estate planning expertise to his client relationships.

Frederic is a graduate of the University of Georgia (B.B.A., International Business) and the University of Wisconsin (J.D.). He holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

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