Cyber and Personal Security

for the Whole Family

February 17, 2022
12:00 PM EST
New York City

Event Details

This FREE webinar is hosted by Round Table Wealth Management in partnership with Fidelity Investments. Please join us for an informative and engaging 1-hour webinar on best practices to protect yourself against cybercrimes.

Have your questions answered by a premiere expert in the field—Gary Rossi, VP, Fidelity Security Services.

We welcome you to invite your family members and friends, as fraudsters often target your circle of influence. Colleagues are also welcome.

Topics to be covered include:

What You’ll Learn:

• How cyber fraudsters target victims and execute schemes.

• About an alarming epidemic in our society – the targeting of the elderly and those with diminished capacity.

• Important key steps to protect yourself and your family!



12:00 pm ● New York, NY

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Frederic Behrens

Gary F. Rossi
Vice President, Fidelity Security Services

Gary Rossi brings with him over 33 years of experience as a private sector and Law Enforcement security professional. He spent over 14 years in Federal law enforcement as a Special Agent with the FBI. Gary functioned as the Chief of the FBI’s Undercover & Sensitive Operations group and has extensive experience in financial and cyber fraud matters.

His last 18 years have been spent in Fidelity’s Global Security Group, where he leads the Securities Services group.

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