Global in our investing and personalized in our service, we provide objective strategies designed to meet the goals of each client.

Our goal is to preserve capital and enhance wealth by providing comprehensive investment advisory services within the context of establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships. As an independent, fee-only firm, we serve our clients with complete objectivity and manage conflicts of interest effectively.


To provide our clients with peace of mind by enhancing their financial freedom.


  1. 1999

    Steven Giacona founds Round Table

  2. 2005

    Round Table reaches $500 million in assets under management

  3. 2006

    Robert Davis becomes Partner & Chief Investment Officer

  4. 2007

    Round Table listed as one of Barron’s Top 50 Registered Investment Advisors and one of Worth Magazine’s Top 100 wealth advisors; Steven Giacona named a top advisor by Bloomberg

  5. 2010

    Round Table reaches $750 million in assets under management
  6. 2012

    Round Table launches Countervailing Private Equity Fund

  7. 2013

    Round Table opens New York City office

  8. 2015

    Financial Advisors ranks Round Table 15th best Registered Investment Advisor for 2015, year-end assets within the $500 million-$1 billion assets under management category

  9. 2016

    Bruce Hyde becomes Partner

  10. 2017

    Round Table reaches $1 Billion in assets under management

  11. 2018

    Round Table opens Florida and Oregon offices

  12. 2019

    Round Table celebrates 20th anniversary

  13. 2020

    Mariella Foley becomes Partner. Marcia Paltenstein becomes Chief Operating Officer.


Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Partners

We strive to make personal connections as a trusted partner and leader of our clients’ professional service network. Personal relationships allow us to maintain perspective on client goals, as well as to create a dynamic framework to execute personalized and integrated investment strategies.

Highest Standards

Highest Standards

Integrity, honesty, and ethics are at the heart of everything we do, from offering advice to selecting investments. As stewards of wealth, we are objective in our guidance, clear in our purpose and transparent in our fees. As fiduciaries, we endeavor to do what is best for the client, manage conflicts of interest and offer unbiased insight and oversight.

Expansive Access

Expansive Access

Our investments and clients span the globe. We have broad expertise in both U.S. and non-U.S. tax matters as well as domestic and international investments. Our open architecture platform allows us to access a vast array of global investment options and exclusive access to strategies and opportunities not typically available to individual investors.

Balanced Mindset

Balanced Mindset

While we are disciplined in our approach, we are flexible and individualized in our thinking. We take a long-term view of investing, but are proactive in capitalizing on appropriate short-term opportunities. Our institutional-class solutions and high-touch service offers clients the best of both worlds.

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