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News, media activity, and press releases featuring Round Table Wealth Management. Read about us in popular publications and articles on topics including wealth management, financial planning, investing, and more.

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NTD  |  March 31, 2022  Bruce Hyde, Chief Compliance Officer and Wealth Advisor, was interviewed live by NTD Television to help explain the latest developments involving retirement savings and the SECURE Act. A new Bill has passed the House and is now being forwarded to the Senate which would allow people to save more and allow them to delay withdrawing money until later.  Watch the television interview here 

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Business Insider   |  March 2022  Portfolio Advisor Steven Saunders helped to define and explain Tangible Assets in the Personal Finance section of Business Insider. “Anything that you can hold or touch could be considered a tangible asset,” Saunders said. Seeing that a company owns many tangible assets can also speak to its growth potential. Read the full article here.

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Rethinking65   |  March 2022  Mariella Foley wrote an article for Rethinking65 entitled Great Resignation or Great Retirement? which touches on areas every advisor should consider when talking to clients who are considering a job change or retirement, breaking down 6 financial positions to picking the right exit strategy. Read the full article here.

NextAdvisor |   |  March 2022  In this article for NextAdvisor |, Bruce Hyde, CPA, MST, Partner and Wealth Advisor at Round Table Wealth Management, discusses the reasons that making extra payments on your mortgage might not be the best way to invest your money. “With a 30-year fixed mortgage, you have 30 years to outperform the bank and most people can generate a return in excess of the interest rate.”  Read the full article here.

GOBankingRates   |  March 2022  Round Table Wealth Management Director, Wealth Advisor Marianne Rodriguez was recently quoted in this piece, 5 Financial Issues Only Women Face by GOBankingRates. Marianne illustrates that one way women can protect their financial future if taking time off from their career or working part-name to care for their family is to “leverage the dollars the family is saving from not paying for a caregiver and set some of these dollars aside to an individual account that can grow over time and can serve as one’s own nest egg.” Read the full article here.

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Forbes   |  February 2022  Michael Fischer discussed using the benefits of using a self-directed 401(k) in this piece, 401(k) FAQ: Pros & Cons of Self-Directed Accounts vs. TDFs, by Forbes. He explains that if you have the time and knowledge base, “a self-directed 401(k) is the option that offers the lowest fees and the most flexibility” because “you can invest directly in the funds or asset classes you’d like and build your portfolio to suit your own needs.” Read the full article here.

GOBankingRates   |  February 2022  Michael Fischer, Round Table Wealth Management Director and Wealth Advisor, was recently quoted in this GOBankingRates article, Become a Millionaire in 10 Years (Or Less) With These 10 Expert-Approved Tips. He provides an expert strategy for meeting your savings goals, explaining that “setting up automatic direct deposits from your paycheck into a savings or brokerage account and increasing your withholding into a company-sponsored 401(k) helps put those goals on autopilot.” Read the full article here.

GOBankingRates  |  January 2022 Eric Thompson, Round Table Wealth Management Director and Wealth Advisor was recently quoted in this article How To Create a Budget — and Stick To It — This Year from the Saving Money/Budgeting section of GOBankingRates. He discusses how utilizing the 5-3-1 method and other elimination techniques can help families make group decisions. Read the full article here.   |  December 2021  Mariella Foley was highlighted in’s article Sixteen Inspirational New Year’s Resolutions of Financial Advisors. See #4 as Mariella shares her desire to prepare the next generation of Round Table Wealth Management advisors “by sharing lessons learned, as well as [her] successes and failures,” to help them “grow to their fullest potential and become the future leaders of our firm.” Read the full piece here.

US News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report   |  December 2021  Michael Fischer was recently quoted in U.S. News & World Report’s article How 2022 Tax Code Changes May Affect Financial Advisors’ Clients. Michael notes the potential of a tax reform bill passing in 2022, as well as, a potential increase in corporate tax rates. Read the full piece here.

GO Banking Rates   |  November 2021  Michael Fischer was recently quoted in this GO Banking Rates article The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Owning in Retirement explaining the ways in which homeownership may be cheaper than renting, including that “some states offer property tax reduction, property tax freezes, or an extra state income tax deduction for senior citizens.” Read the full article here. 

Talking Biz News   |  October 2021  Steven Saunders was quoted in this piece from the Talking Biz News Qwick Takes series entitled Inflation May Be High But Remains Manageable explaining what he foresees as the trends in markets and costs for consumers. Read the full article here.

Yahoo!   |  October 2021  Michael Fischer was recently quoted in this article on Yahoo! about establishing an estate plan. Michael notes the value of taking a holistic approach in coordinating beneficiaries across accounts, assets and estate documents. Michael also notes the importance of starting the estate planning process to ensure you are the one making decisions on your own behalf, rather than your state. Read the full article here.

PIPCA   |  October 2021 In this podcast, Michael Fischer has an in depth discussion with the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) regarding the preliminary proposal recently presented by U.S. House Democrats to fund President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending package. As part of his examination, Fischer looks at the impact it could have on the tax landscape for individuals, retirees, businesses, and more. Listen to the full podcast here.