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Mutual Funds vs. ETFs

If you are new to the investing world, you might find the prospect of choosing individual stocks and bonds to be incredibly time consuming and complex. You may have personal connections to certain brands, but how can you decide whether purchasing Amazon, McDonald's, or Nike stock [...]

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Market Capitalization: What are Large Cap and Small Cap Stocks?

Your financial advisor may mention that your portfolio includes small cap stocks or large cap stocks. Understanding the difference is an important aspect of managing potential risks and expected returns for your investments. The world of equity investing can be overwhelming. There are many classifications of equities that investors [...]

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Long-Term Care Insurance

On average, an American turning 65 today will incur $138,000 in future long-term care costs.1 One in seven adults will have a disability for more than five years, and the median annual cost of nursing home care in the US is $100,3752. Given these statistics, a sound retirement plan should [...]

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The Marital Home in Divorce – Emotions vs. Economics

As someone contemplates divorce, one of the most common concerns, after custody of the children is whether either spouse will be able to continue living in the marital home.  Most likely, the home has significant emotional meaning.  It could represent heartfelt memories of raising your family during happier times [...]

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Five Common Questions on 529 College Savings Plans

Paying for college is one of the largest financial obligations for most parents. To make things more difficult, the cost of attending many public and private colleges has consistently increased at a rate above inflation for the past 30 years.1 Fortunately, there are tax-efficient ways to save for college [...]

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Next Step In Women’s Empowerment – Taking a Stand With Your Finances

Women are speaking up more and more these days. Speaking up for what they believe in….equal opportunities, equal pay, a safe work environment, having their voices heard in political matters, and their overall right to be happy. Redefining Roles As a Financial Advisor, I meet many women who have [...]

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