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The Biden Agenda for Estate Plans More Costly for The Rich and Not-So-Rich

With Democrats in control of the Senate and House the likelihood of passing legislation in line with President-elect Biden’s agenda for estate plans has increased. While there are a number of proposed changes, there are two that are most significant. First, the amount of assets an individual can pass estate tax free to heirs may be substantially reduced. Second, capital gains taxes may be imposed on all estates with appreciated assets. This means that even individuals who are “not rich” will suffer some tax consequences at death.

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The Importance of U.S. Listed, UK Reporting Funds for U.S. Taxpayers in the UK

U.S. taxpayers living in the United Kingdom must carefully understand the impact of U.S. and UK tax laws on their investment portfolio. From a U.S. tax perspective, it is essential to invest using U.S. listed investments to avoid the complicated and tax costly U.S. passive foreign investment company (PFIC) tax regime. On the UK tax side, the HMRC reporting fund regulations further restricts tax-efficient options for U.S. taxpayers who are also UK tax residents.

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Medicare: Understand Your Options and Meet the Deadlines

Are you retiring soon, recently retired or nearing your 65th birthday? If so, you need to understand Medicare and the necessary steps you need to take to ensure proper healthcare coverage in retirement. Even if you don’t fall into one of the categories above, I’m sure you know someone who does… so keep reading!

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Quarterly Review – Second Quarter 2020

First, we hope you and your family are happy, healthy and enjoying some return to normal life. We have all come very far since the onset of the pandemic and our collective strength and resolve to continue safe habits [...]

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