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Trump’s New Tax Law Changes

Rate Cuts, Deductions, AMT—these words are being tossed around a lot lately in the news headlines. Heated political opinions are flying back and forth claiming Trump policy will lead to tax cuts that benefit the rich or hurt the [...]

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What Happens at Death

The age-old question: what happens to us when we die?  I’d be lying if I said I had any sort of spiritual answer for you.  I can; however, help shed some light on what happens to your worldly possessions [...]

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Serving as a Trustee – What to Know

With a growing number of trusts being created every year in the United States, the possibility that you may be named as a trustee may also be increasing. Maybe you were chosen by a sibling, a parent, a colleague [...]

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No One Dies in New Jersey

I was having lunch with a client who had recently attended a funeral in Greenwich, Connecticut and had commented about how run down the facilities were.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Greenwich, it consistently shows up [...]

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Trust in Trusts

Overview Understanding how a trust works can help you become more comfortable using them to achieve your estate planning goals. Think of a trust as a bucket holding water (money) with a spigot that is either closed or open. [...]

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