Time for the Contrarian?

We all may know someone, maybe ourselves, that believe the key to investment success is being able to “jump out” of the market when it starts to go down and get “back in” when the market starts to go up. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really.

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Cash Balance Plans

A new concept is evolving in the pension world that combines both features of a traditional defined contribution and defined plan. A cash balance plan is sometimes referred to as a “hybrid” plan as it allows for the high contributions of a defined benefit plan, but with the look, feel and portability of a defined contribution plan.

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5 Financial Issues Only Women Face

Round Table Wealth Management Director, Wealth Advisor Marianne Rodriguez was recently quoted in GOBankingRates. Fitting for Women's History Month, Marianne provides insight on managing finances when faced with challenging life events. Click here to read [...]

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